We believe that our approach to education must be synonymous with our tag line, “We teach them to fly!”

Our world class curriculum coupled with best-in-class teachers ensure that our beliefs are converted into reality.

Our teaching methodology ensures that we nurture children to be independent in their thinking and who can face the world with confidence.

Our beliefs and our guiding philosophy has been widely welcomed and appreciated in the community. Our innovative teaching methods and child enrichment programs has consistently caught media attention - See all Newspaper Publications on KinderNest.

Listen to our founder Mrs. Deepa Arvind’s live interview on RadioONE by none other than RadioONE Sulabha on 16th July 2013 - Another feather in our cap!

Our Guiding Principles

  • A balanced approach to learning to stimulate the emotional and intellectual growth in the early years of a child.
  • A world-class holistic curriculum to positively kindle the innate curiosity in every child.
  • Promote learning through emphasis on hands-on activities using only age-appropriate aids.
  • Hire only the best-in-class teachers who play a key role in moulding a child’s learning.
  • A consistent and well-defined feedback and assessment plan to keep parents informed and involved.
  • Adhere to the highest standards of health, safety and hygiene at all times.

KinderNest has consistently garnered media attention thanks to our attempt to stick to our roots and be identified as proudly Indian with a world class outlook!

Here are some of the articles published about us in the leading national dailies, no mean achievement, if we may say so!

Hindu Downtown May-17-2009
Times Of India Aug-18-2009
Hindu Downtown Oct-04-2009
Hindu Downtown Oct-02-2011
Hindu Downtown Jan-15-2012
Times Of India Dec-22-2012

Grow up and learn in an atmosphere of fun, happiness, safety and love ...

We have taken utmost care to build an organization that looks for excellence in every aspect of pre-schooling from the infrastructure to the educators.

  • Professionally qualified teachers and are trained in Early childhood education programs both abroad and in-house
  • A holistic curriculum that maximizes learning opportunities. We understand that education goes beyond just reading, writing and math. Hence, we also focus on life skills
  • A thematic approach to propagate ‘extended learning’.
  • Completely safe and secure CCTV monitored premises
  • Classy and a custom designed facility that would ensure a hygienic, safe and secure environment to play, learn and grow.
  • Optimum teacher: child ratio based on group kinesthetics.
  • We provide internationally acclaimed music and movement programs and learning environments
  • We are keeping with the latest trends in learning and delivery methodologies of early childhood education
  • We have an open-door policy and excellent parent: teacher relationships

We could tell you about the KinderNest Experience – the quality of education and care, but parent videos and passionate words of our dedicated teachers will help you put things in the right perspective.

The following are real videos by our happy parents who trust us every day with the education and care of their children and our very own teaching staff who will vouch for our dedication in proving the best for your children.

See our Parents videos here

Meet our Dedicated Staff here

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Parent's Talks

Say Something About KinderNest

KinderNest handpicks teachers and staff personnel for the role of an educator, mentor and guide

The strength of any institution lies in the people chosen to deliver its values. Our teachers are trained to

  • Encourage and build the individuality and creativity of each child.
  • Make the child feel valued, safe and comfortable
  • Be attentive and available to each child
  • Make sure that each child’s ideas are heard loud and clear
  • Intervene and create maximum opportunities for thinking and learning
  • Include parents in all areas of learning by giving regular feedback
  • Ensure the highest standards of health, safety and hygiene
  • Maintain complete confidentiality

I never felt for once that our proprietor Deepa Arvind treats the school as a business; the entire team is here for the kids


Mrs. Monika

“KinderNest cares for everybody which motivates us to focus on its growth, so that together we all fly higher & higher”


Mrs. Sujatha

“Learning at Kindernest is characterised by the freedom that we provide to the children to express themselves and allow them to bloom at their pace.”


Mrs. Sindhu