Think about choosing a preschool the same way you would think about finding a new job or a new pediatrician for your child.

In either situation you would expect to invest lots of time and energy in making the right decision. You would ask around, go on interviews, and seek the advice of others. The same goes for preschool.

Because so much is riding on your choice — after all, you want your child to spend her days in an enjoyable and nurturing environment — you'll need to do your research. That means checking out local parenting magazines, the Internet, and word-of-mouth recommendations. Ask for referrals from other families; most people won't recommend a place unless they're truly pleased with it.

Your Checklist

  • Do I feel welcome here?
  • Does my child seem interested in what they have to offer?
  • Do the children in the setting seem happy?
  • How do the adults and children interact?
  • Is the setting clean and safe?
  • Is there a child: Teacher ratio they are talking about?
  • Are the teachers well qualified?
  • Is there a care taker in each class apart from the teachers?
  • Is the place clean and is the equipment in good condition?
  • Is there a doctor on call?
  • What are the safety procedures for picking up and dropping off children?

Have you wondered why your preschooler thinks different from you?

Give them the “best possible start in life”

Early childhood is the first stage of lifelong learning, shaping the individual's course as a learner over the life cycle. Abundant evidence shows that children who take part in high quality early childhood education programs will learn better in school. In this way, early childhood education can play a key role in assuring a firm foundation for subsequent stages.

Children who have had the Early Learning Foundation have the benefit of

  • Being Efficient Learners
  • Minimum Time and Maximum Results in Studies
  • Over All Development
  • High Confidence
  • Success in all walks of life.

There is no doubt, that parents have the greatest influence on the child’s life during these early years of development. However when you choose a preschool, it should be a natural extension of your home and should help the child to establish a balance.

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Parent Testimonials

Best wishes to the entire team of Kindernest

My daughter S. Sadhana started her schooling when she was 2-1/4 years of age at Kindernest. She was there for nearly a year and a half and the changes I saw in her during that time, I would say, was outstanding. The curriculum followed at Kindernest and the extra curricular activities they have planned for the kids are too good. Both the teaching and non-teaching staffs knew each and every child by their name. When she joined, Sadhana had just started talking in sentences and by the end of her schooling she was talking so very well in English, all credits to Kindernest team. She still misses Kindernest and her teachers a lot. My best wishes to the entire team of Kindernest for their future endeavours.

Priya Srikant (Home maker)

Mother of Sadhana

Thank you Teachers!

Thank you KinderNest teachers!! We will miss you all very much!!  

Janani Srinivasan (Professional)

Mother of Prahalad Srinivasan

To the kindest Kindernest!

We are happy that our kid had a place in your nest . We thank you for teaching him to open his wings and fly. He is always very happy to be in your nest with all his friends and teachers. Now he is ready to fly to the next level without heart and with your blessings.

Mrs. Preethi (Homemaker)

Mother of J.P.Rithvik Akash

Learning is always full of fun at Kinder Nest!

Learning is always full of fun at Kinder Nest. Knowledge is available with fun and care at Kinder Nest. I am happy with what Kinder Nest has given my child. “I love learning at Kindernest. Kindernest is my favourite place, I love my teachers very much. This is my fun world. I love Kindernest.”

Mr. N. Narayana Prasad (Lawyer)

Father of N. Sanchita

Interesting Activity and outings

Interesting  Activity and outings. A warmandfriendly place.

Dr. Nisha Grorge (Pediatrician)

Mother of Mija Reddy

We love KinderNest.

WeloveKinderNest. We willmiss everyone. He has learnt alotaboutetiquette and manners. Best playschool. Got lots of love from my teachers.

Ms. Sireesha ( Homemaker)

Mother of Vishnu

Innovative, interactive fun filled activities

Innovative, interactive fun filled activities for children are the highlights of KN(KinderNest). KN is a fun Place for all kids. My kid really looks forward to come to KN every day. Keep up the good work. Kids are to be happy when they go to school. I am glad that my child is eager to go to Kindernest everyday.

Mr. Manoj & Mrs. Priya Manoj (Software Professionals)

Parents of M. Niharika

A place where the child feels happy

A place where the child feels happy,comfortable will be a good place, that’s KinderNest . I am very glad to see my child happy,lots of good changes happened in her – Vocabulary, Interaction with others& dancing skills.Really Kinder Nest is a happy nest for my child, as well as for others too.

Dr. Sudha Rajesh (Professional)

Mother of Tanushree

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